Under Review


"Terrorist Attacks and Corporate Investment: The beneficial value of CEO overconfidence" 

Management Science (1st round review)

"Lesson from stock price crash: CEO overconfidence and the crash experience" 

Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (1st round review)

"Adoption and Adaptation of the Anglo-America Model of Corporate Governance: Evidence from Korea"

Review of International Business and Finance (1st round review)


Working Papers


"The Value of Cash Holdings, Corporate Governance, and Ownership Disparity: Evidence from Korean Business Groups"


"The cultural determinant of board structure: religion and gambling preference"


"Relative performance and CEO compensation: evidence from Korean business groups"


"Capital structure decisions after credit rating changes by global and local rating agencies"


"The Impact of Split Ratings between Local and Global Credit Rating Agencies in Japan"


"Excess Cash and the Effects of Share Repurchases,"


"Production Suspension Announcement and Market Value of the Firm: Evidence from Korea"


"CEO Characteristics and Firm Performance following R&D Investments"


"Local Religiosity, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Firm Value"