MSB411 Investment

The main objective of the course is to provide an overview of theories in investment such as portfolio theory and the valuation models. The valuation models include the Capital Asset Pricing Model and Arbitrage Model. Also financial markets, financial instruments, and mutual funds and other investment companies are introduced. In addition, the financial derivatives such as options and futures securities and the releted theory and markets are covered.

MSB535 Corporate Finance Theory

This course covers all of the major areas of corporate finance and provides training in the analytic tools and concepts for managers. A significant portion of the course will consist of problem solving and case studies regarding the topics and theory covered in each lecture. Considerable effort will be spent on learning Excel applications on each topic such as "time value," financial statement analysis, and the mathematics of finance. The course requires a term project which consists of one analyst’s report for any listed company and Excel-applied problem solving. 

MSB554/CS541 Smart Business Application and Development

The course is intended for graduate students to understand and develop smart business application running on smart phones. It provides a comprehensive guide covering programming technology on Mobile Internet, Mobile Security and Payment, Location based and Context Aware Services, Social Network Services, and Business Model Development Method through Case Study, Value Chain Analysis and Economic Feasibility Study. An application is proposed and developed by students as a team consisting of business and engineering areas for the purpose of creating new application services and businesses.